Ethan at 4 months!


These are Ethan's 4 month pictures. As you can see he has found his hands, and he loves to suck on them. He doesn't have the corrdination to get a toy to his mouth yet. But it won't be too long before he figures that out. He has his 4 month well child check on March 29th. Another set of shots. I hope it goes okay. I am curious to see how big he is getting. My guess is he will be 14lbs 10oz and 27 inches long. We will see.


Amy said...

Wow, 14 lbs?? Isabella was 16 lbs at 9 months and only 17 1/2 at 12 months... She is too tiny. LOL! Love him in his little vest! Too cute!

Jaime said...

I just love this outfit on him....I got it at the Childrens Place. I love that store. Yeah I think he will be around 14lbs. We will see. He is about 27 inches though so he is pretty tall.

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