5 Months Old!!!


I took these today using one of my new props. I had to see how it would look. I just love it. Doesn't he look so cute. And sitting up all by himself....Breifly anyways. I hope to get more 5 month pictures soon.


Amy said...

These are GORGEOUS! I absolutely LOVE them!!! What a cutie!

Shelley Smith Photography said...

I am loving the prop! He is getting too big!

Shamay said...

I am just catching up on your blog. I love all the pictures - he is so adorable!! I can't wait to get him together with Maiya and Grayer. Oh the fun!

Jaime said...

Thanks you guys.
Shamay I can't wait to get them together too....
I still need to take more 5 month pictures of him.
Thanks again ya'll.

Etsy Love!

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