Ethan turned 5 months on Friday. He has been getting up on his hands and knees for the past week now. It will only been a couple more weeks and he will be crawling. Not sure I am ready for that yet. Haha.... He is also almost sitting alone. He can for a brief moment but then tumbles over. If he braces himself with his hands in front of him he can do it for a while.

Daddy has also started getting him to hold onto the laundry basket and stand. It is so cute to see this little person standing. He loves to do it...he cries when we stop him. He thinks he's hot stuff because he can do all these things now.

Not to mention the babbling and is so fun to listen to him. I can't wait til he can say da-da or ma-ma.

I hope to take some 5 month pictures this week or weekend.

More to come.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.


shannon said...

So fun! Having babies is the best! You have such great pics of him too! He is going to love it when he is older and has kids of his own! What a great mommy you are!

Etsy Love!

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