6 months....


I still can not believe Ethan is 6 months already. He was 6 months on the 20th of May. I can't wait to go to his appt on June 6th. It will be fun to see how big he is getting. He is jsut about ready to crawl too...he just needs to realize that he has to move his hands too. He moves his feet and legs just not his hands. I am sure he will figure that out soon. I will update after his appt. Or when I take his 6 month pictures.
I hope everyone is going well. If anyone actually reads this...hahhaha I don't know.
Take care


Amy said...

Are you kidding me?? Six months? Wow...time flies! Bella is 18 months already. I am about to get her out of the crib...I can't believe I wrote that!!! (sigh)

.....Shelley Smith said...

of course we read it :)

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