starting cereal......


Ethan started his first food a couple weeks ago....boy he didn't like it at first. He didn't care for the cereal. But he is getting used to it now. He has had Carrots (not a big fan of), Sweet Potatoes, Apples, and Bananas. I plan to make all the food for him. We started the Organic Jar food because it is smoother....but I will start making my own when he can have it more textured.


Shamay said...

Oh look at that face! They are so cute when they're trying new foods! He will be opening like a little birdy in no time. Maiya didn't like her oatmeal at first, but now she complains loudly when I run out. Can't wait to get the two babies together in August!

Shelley Smith said...

ok wonderwoman, making homemade babyfood, using cloth diapers, you are making us look bad!

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