Beach, Sun, and Sand....


Today we went to Holland State Park. I wanted to get some pictures of Ethan at the beach. He really didn't care for the sand. He was alright with it at first but after feeling it he did NOT like it. But I was able to get a few shots in. It was really HOT out there...87 degrees. We took a walk all over the beach...well not in the sand because he was in his stroller....but he loved looking at everything. I was also able to get some of Josh and Ethan together. I am excited because they turned out really well. It was so bright out I wasn't sure what they were going to look like. I am happy with them. Plus I don't have many with Josh and him. We had a fun day.


Shamay said...

These are so cute. Ethan is such a cute combination of you and Josh.

You know, Grayer HATED the sand too at about that age, maybe a bit older. We went to Ocean City for a long weekend and we really had to conjole him to play in it at all. He loves it now though!

Amy said...

Wow...Ethan looks just like Josh!! I have never seen him before, but he really does! Bella didn't like the beach too much either (well...if it was wet and packed down she was fine, not the loose stuff). :)

Rosjuane said...

UMM did you say 87 degrees the heat index here is 110. Now thats hot

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