Climbing the Stairs...


Ethan decided he was going to try and go for the stairs....well he made it. He can now go up the stairs....kind of scary. So we keep the door closed to the upstairs so he can't go there by himself.
He also started taking a sippy cup today. I was soooo excited because I kept trying and trying to give it to him and he wanted nothing to do with it. Finally today he actually tried it. WHOOOHOOO!!!
He has only ventured a few steps holding onto furniture. I don't think he realizes that he can actually do it. I think crawling there is faster. So we will see if he attempts it again.


Amy said...

I sure hope you have baby-proofed! Sounds like little Ethan will be quite mobile in no time! :)

Jaime Pott Photography said...

Yes we have....He is all over the place crawling. Can't imagine when he starts walking. LOL

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