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his exesaucer. He thought he was hot stuff crawling all thru it. It was so funny. He really couldn't sit up under there....his head kept hitting the top. I was trying to change his diaper and this is what he decided he wanted to do. So I just let him. So silly.

Ethan has been adventuring and pulling himself up on everything. He does really well. Except when he falls and hits his head. He has his first bruise on his forehead. And what do you know he keeps hitting it in the same spot over and over. He has a hard head. We have only had a few time where he really just down right cries because it really hurts.

He pulled himself up the first stair and tried to get to the second one but his legs are way to short for that. It was funny to see him really try.

He still has NO teeth. I keep wondering when they will come. We have tried some foods that are harder then baby food, such as cheese, puffs, bread, and fruit. He seems to like them.


Shelley Smith said...

Jordan was 11 months when she got teeth, haha!

Jagger (bday 11.28.06) has three. I guess they're all just different, huh!

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