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So this is Ethan just pushing the little toy right along. He loves it. It is too cute. Just thought I would share this picture too.

While we were on vacation to see my brother, Ethan tried to do many things. This little push toy, (which we also had at home), They had one and he decided he was just going to start walking with it. It was so cute. He does so well with it. I was surprised that he tried to do it on his own. I will have to put up the picture I caught of him trying to do it.

His cousin Maiya is starting to walk, she took about 8-10 steps while we were there, it was so cute and exciting to see her reach this milestone. (Not holding on to this, on her OWN.)

He also started to wave "bye-bye". It is really funny because he holds his whole are way up high and wiggles his little fingers. It is too cute.

Before when I tried to stand Ethan up to see if he would stand on his own....he just had jelly legs and fall to the floor. Well I tried it last week and he stood for about 5-10 seconds.....I was sooo excited he could do it.

When we visited my brother, Maiya had a few words she could say. One of them was "Boo". It is really cute to hear her say it. Well I was trying to get Ethan to say it as well....He can somewhat say it. It is funny. Maiya can say words if you tell her to say them, Ethan just looks at me like I am stupid. LOL

Yesterday I had to take Ethan to the doctors because he was rubbing his ear and had a slight temperature. My dad checked his ear and it was really red. I took him to see Dr. Schuler and well he has his first ear infection. He
also has a runny nose, and is fussy. Good thing I had today and tomorrow off. She gave him Amoxicillin. But a side effect of that is diarrhea...I hope he doesn't get it too bad. He has only had 2 doses so far so we will see. I hope he gets better soon.

While he was there, I was curious to see how much he weight and how tall he was. He weighed 18lbs 12oz and was 30.5 inches long. He is so tall and skinny. He is off the chart for the height and he is in the 10-25% for weight. He goes next week for his 9 mo well child check. I am sure it won't be much different.

Josh is off to a Lions Football game tomorrow with his dad. That should be fun. He doesn't get to spend time with his dad so he thought this would be fun. Since they both love football. They are also staying the night and then spending the day in Detroit. When he gets home Friday we are going to a Whitecaps Baseball game. That should be fun. So that means Thursday night I am home with Ethan all night. Shouldn't be too bad, we just spent a week away from Josh.

I can't believe Ethan is 9 months already. It is crazy how time flies. Before I know it he will be one year. And you know I am already planning his party. LOL I actually think this party is more for me then him. It is an exciting but sad time. He will be a YEAR OLD! That means I will have been a MOTHER for ONE YEAR. Can you believe it? I certainly can't. I am sure Josh can't either. BUT we wouldn't change anything for the world. Ethan is such a wonderful baby, he puts a smile on your face. Can't imagine my world without him.

So let me think...am I done rambling? I think so. If not I will just add another post.

Talk soon!


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