More Pictures from my trip.....


This is Adri, Grayer, and Maiya. Adri is their Au Pair (in home nanny.) She is from Costa Rica and the kids just love her to death. She is great with them. They were all laughing at Shamay because she was doing a silly dance behind me while I was taking the picture.

Grayer in the swimming pool. I just love his eyes...they are gorgeous.

Shamay and Maiya giving "raspberries". So cute!

Ethan in his PJ's one morning. With crazy hair too.

That smile is so irresistible. And he looks so much like Josh in this picture. Well all pictures. LOL


Shelley Smith said...

I have not seen pics of Grayer since his first birthday party. He is so big!

The colors in these pics are great, I love them.

Etsy Love!

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