Poppy Dot Taggy Giveaway from F i n a ' D r e a


Poppy Dot Taggy Giveaway from Fina' Drea!!

I would love to win this beautiful Poppy Dot Taggy blanket for my 9 month old son. It's the Snug Tug Minky Tag Blanket with Big Polka Dots. The colors are gorgeous...and what a perfect size. It looks so soft and cuddly I just know he would love it.

To enter, visit this giveaway post and find out how you can enter to.


Drea said...

awe he'd love it. BTW I love your blog header!

Jaime said...

I know he would love it....these are so darn cute....I will probably just buy one if I don't win. Thanks about the header....I love playing around with his pictures.

Etsy Love!

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