Ethan finally has a tooth....


Everyone knows how patiently we have been waiting for Ethan to get at least one tooth. Well Sunday I decided to feel if there was anything in there. And what do you know.....I felt a little sharp point. HE has a tooth coming. I was so excited. It has already start coming in more since sunday. The whole top of it is revealed. So soon he should have a tooth. It will be so funny to see him with teeth....I can't wait to see what he looks like.....Just wanted to share the news.


Shamay said...

Yay Ethan!
Go to town chewing everything up!
He will be so cute with his little teeth!

Rosjuane said...

Ugh! Garret was a late bloomer too. He just now has 4 and didn't get his first till like 8mths. But now they are comming in left and right. Completley opisite of Ashlyn, she had all her teeth at 12mths

Shelley Smith said...

That's crazy! My kids got theirs very late, but that was probably related to being preemies.

Jagger has 8 already, and he and Ethan are really close in age!

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