Throwback Thursday....


This is the year 1978....I am 4 months old here. Cute aren't I?
I was a chunky lil' thing.


mAsOn & tErrI's mOm said...

VERY cute! That style dress is coming back isn't it?

Rosjuane said...

Oh my god check out the catchlights!! Oh yeah your cute too. LOL

Jaime said...

Those dresses are totally coming back. Can you believe it?

I know I LOVE the catchlights in this picture. I couldn't believe they were there.

Amy said...

I love THAT!! I'll have to find one of me. How did you get it on here? Scan it? Too fun!

Jaime said...

Yeah I scanned them a while ago...and just found them..thought it would be great for Throwback Thursday.

Etsy Love!

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