Who doesn't love a pantry???


Ethan loves to get into the pantry. He loves to pull everything out. So I snuck up on him the other day to catch him in the at. I think it is funny. He loves to pull everything out of there. We usually keep a rubber band on the handles so he can't get in.

He is trying really hard to use the sippy cup on his own. He is doing really good with it. He keeps forgetting he has to tip his head back to get some.


Maiya said...

Dear Ethan,

I wish I was there to help you take apart that pantry! It looks like SOOOO much fun! Maybe we could get Grayer to help us open the chips and we could all sneak in a snack?

Jaime said...

That's too funny...Ethan would love some help.

Etsy Love!

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