Thankful Tuesday....Ethan started taking a few steps on his own.....


I am Thankful that Josh had the video camera ready to capture this.
Ethan took his first few steps on Saturday, 10.13.07. Can you believe it? I knew he wouldn't work up to it, I knew he would just start doing it one day. So here is a little clip of him.


Shelley said...

little over-achiever.... he is getting so big so fast!

Drea said...

awe how exciting. did you change your template? was it always 3 columns lol.. or is my brain confused :-)

Jaime said...

Yeah I know can you believe he is walking?

Drea...I did change my template. Do you like?

Shamay said...

Yay Ethan! Look out Jaime, it's a whole other level of childproofing once they can walk!

Etsy Love!

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