Happy Halloween!!!


Happy Halloween Everyone!
Today is a big day...We close on our new house today. We are very excited about moving in. When I get a chance I will put up some pictures. That means we will be hopefully moving in next weekend. WHOOO HOOO!!!
I know I haven't talked about Ethan lately...Just pictures.
He is always on the move now. He still isn't totally walking on his own but he is sooo very close.
He is also saying quite a few words. He can say mama, dada, go, gog (dog), and Moo! It is pretty cute how is learning something new everyday.
Mindy, Dan and Jacob are coming over tonight to pass out candy with us. Jacob and Ethan will be dressed up. It will be fun. I haven't done it before in our neighborhood. But I know that there are alot of kids around so it should be pretty fun.


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