Ideas for Ethan's


Here are some ideas for Ethan's birthday or Christmas. I know people have been asking me what to get him. SO I thought I would share some ideas.

Baby Gymtastics Bounce & Spin Zebra

Giant Soft Block & Ball Set

Giant Soft Stacker

Building Block Choo Choo

Fun Fabric Drum Set from babystyle

dwellbaby Plush Block Set

Boon Inc. Frog Pod Deluxe (Frog Pod and Bath Goods)

Boon Inc. Potty Bench

Sock Monkey Toy Rattle - Navy Stripe

Sock Monkey


Little People® Lil' Movers™ School Bus

Playskool Dusty the Talkin' Vacuum

Parents Ready, Set, Go!

Little People A to Z Learning Zoo
by Fisher-Price

Little People Racin' Ramps Garage
by Fisher-Price


Drea said...

i like the block train :-)

Rosjuane said...

Eathan looks like he's going to rack up!! Those look like fun toys. I like the monkey the best. I was thinking of getting Garret that Zebra too, but he is so rough that I'm scared it will buck him off. LOL!!!

Jaime said...

I know I love alot of things from the babystyle website. These are just ideas for people. I highly doubt he will get all this. Just suggestions for people.

Etsy Love!

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