While Josh is working today 7am to 1pm....I am took Ethan to the park with Mindy and Jacob. Ethan has not been to the park I thought I would try him in the swing. Oh wow he didn't like it at all. Plus they made me nervous because he was a bit to small for the swing and I thought he was going to flip out of it. It was really hot walking there. is October where is the cool weather...I am so ready for it. No more of this HOT weather. It is FALL...I need some cold weather. LOL
We have someone coming to paint our hallway, so I am going to take Ethan to Mindy's so he can play with Jacob. I don't want Ethan in the house while he is painting. Doesn't sound safe to me. Ya know? Then I have a photo session at 4pm with a lady I work with...her grand kids. Should be really fun. I am excited.
Other then that not much going on around here. Kind of being lazy.
I do think Ethan is getting a new tooth in. He has been really crabby at bed time and drooling uncontrolably. I do not feel that it has popped thru yet...but I am sure it will any day now. His first tooth hasn't even come all the way in yet. So we will see. He is napping right now. Oh boy he needed it.


Rosjuane said...

Glad to hear that my kid is not the only one scared of the swing. Garret is not scarred really more like terrified!!!!!!! He quits breathing.

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