1 year check up...


Took Ethan to his 1 year well child check yesterday. I was so anxious to see how much he gained and how tall he was. But not very excited about the shots because he always gets a fever with them.
Weight: 19 lbs 8 oz
Height: 31 inches
Head Circ: 18 1/2 inches

His weight was 18 lbs 9 oz and in the 25th percentile last visit and this visit he is in the 5th - 10th percentile. Dr. Schuler wasn't too worried about it at this time, since he is up and walking and moving everywhere. She said this tends to happen. So I won't worry to much. He is healthy and looks fine. As far as height he only gained an inch. But I think he is still tall...LOL
She was very impressed with his vocabulary, which consists of....
Mama, Dada, Go, Doggie, Uh Oh, and All Done.
He started walking at 10 months...so he was getting around the room very well. He was so cute he kept dropping this little card I gave him and he kept saying uh oh, everytime he dropped it. And it isn't just uh oh.....it's UH.......Ohhhhhhhhhh. So dramatic.
He still only has 2 teeth. I think the tooth fairy forgot to deliver his teeth. HAHAHA!
Although his gums on the top are buldging, so it looks like the could come thru at any point. They have been like that for 3 weeks now...so I am not geting my hopes up.
I just still can't picture him with teeth.
I will be taking his 1 year pictures soon...so stay tuned.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.


Rosjuane said...

Oh I wouldn't worry too much. Josh is a skinny. He talks more than Garret. I think that Garret can talk b/c all the sudden he will just bust out with a new word he just doesn't say it alot. But he does say UH...OHHH alot to. He will throw it down or fall down on purpose just to say it.

Sarah said...

Don't worry. JT wasn't even on the percentile charts (in the weight dept) until he was 3! They all grow at their own pace!

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