my birthday, 1st hair cut, and dinner


We are all moved into our new house. Although we still have a few things left at the old house. But the majority of it is here. Thank goodness. Now I just need to get things straightened around for Ethan's 1st birthday party on the 25th. Oh that is going to be a task. But I have to do it.
Well today is actually my birthday.....guess how old I am????? 30 ...... can you believe it??? LOL My mom took me out yesterday for Lobster.....Oh I love the Parrot Bay Jumbo Coconut Shrimp.....Yummy Yummy. Then Josh, Ethan and I went to Applebee's today for my birthday. They have those little desserts in the extra large shot glasses.....those are just the right size. We had a great time.
Before we went to Applebee's we went and got Ethan's 1st hair cut. Oh he did so well. I was really surprised too. I thought he would be screaming and trying to get out of the seat. Josh sat down first and then Ethan in his lap. That worked really well. Because of course I had to take pictures. He looks so cute with a big boy hair cut.


Mike, Shannon & Lilianna McAvoy said...

Those are just too cute! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO, by the way. Mike turned 30 on funny!

Jaime said...

Thanks...Tell Mike I said Happy Birthday!

Etsy Love!

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