This is our gorgeous new house. We closed on it yesterday. We can't wait to move in. It will probably be next week. Just wanted to share some pictures.

The stairs that go up are to the master bedroom. The stairs down are to 2 bedrooms, bathroom, and laundry room.

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Spare Bedroom
Ethan's Bedroom
Spare Bath


Shamay said...

YAY!!! I am so happy for you! Love the house - especially the master bath. A urinal?! That is TOO MUCH!

I know you must be so excited!


Rosjuane said...

Okay what?? Who has a urinal in there house?? I guess with 2 boys it might come in handy??!! I LOVE THE HOUSE!!!! I'm so excited for you. Send pics when you get moved in and unpacked!!

Mike said...

Ok, so you have a urinal for the guys. Where is the "bidet" for the girls?

Jaime said...

I KNOW I comes with the house.....LOL....

aletha @ pearls events said...

Hi, Jamie, I see you're one of Jen Kidd's friends! I ventured over to your blog from hers. LOVE the new home!!! What a great place to raise Ethan :) Have a blast moving in and getting settled.

shannonmcavoy said...

The house is just gorgeous!!! Congrats! I am so excited for you!

Amy said...

What? A urninal?? Wow... And I only have a potty... LOL

Ok, where have I been? You are moving? I guess I need to read back in past posts... I really HAVE been out of the loop! Good luck in the move! The house is GORGEOUS!!!!

Etsy Love!

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