Christmas again...


My parents came over on Saturday and we had out Christmas. We had alot of fun and ethan got alot of things. Not to mention I got an AWESOME new tripod and remote for my camera. I am so excited.
Ethan for this little 4-wheeler, it is too cute. He also got this bear that reads to him. I can't remember the name of it at this moment. He got a few wooden toys from Ikea....he LOVES those. Not to mention a mat for him to run his cars on. Thanks mom and dad!


Rosjuane said...

Awww I want a remote for my camera!! I realized at Christmas just how much!! I would like to be in some of those pictures! Great pics of Eathan he sure has grown!!

Jaime said...

Ethan is sure growing fast. I haven't played with the remote yet but I can't wait to.

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