Christmas Morning


Christmas morning was fun. My mom came over to spend it with us since my dad had to work. (We are doing Christmas with my parents on Saturday.) These are a few of Ethan opening his presents. We got him the TMX Elmo eXtra special Edition....let me tell you that thing is hilarious. He really likes it. He goes up to it and hugs it and makes it move. So cute. I also got him this Hasbro vacum. Oh he loves this toy. And then I got him Ready, Set, Go cars by Parents. These are so darn cute. They are the ones where you can pull them back and let them go. They go pretty far.
He also got in the mail a present from Grayer and Maiya. It is a Little People toy. Thank you! He loves to play with the box right now. He has so many new toys right now that I didn't open it yet. I know he will like it when he is a couple months older.
My mom also brought him one is this really soft soccor ball. He really likes balls so this was perfect.
We had a good time watching him open the gifts. I was lazy the rest of the day. It was nice.


Rosjuane said...

He is so sweet. Garret was not the least bit interested in opening the wrapper!!

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