New Year's Day and snow


It snowed all day on New Years. And for most of the day today. Will it ever stop!!! This is what it looked like out my front door yesterday!

Ethan thinks it is hilarious when we run trucks on him....he laughs so hard. It is sooo cute!
I am really working on trying to do more natural light photography. I LOVE IT! It is just really hard in Michigan in the winter. We hardly ever see the sun. But it is nice because when it is sunny if reflects of the snow and makes for AWESOME lighting thru my slider. I took these yesterday. I love to capture his blue eyes. Well what we think is blue...alot of the time it changes from blue to gray to green to brown. He has all the shades in his eyes. They are really kind of cool.


Rosjuane said...

I'm no fan of the cold, but I have to say I'm sooo jelous of the snow!! Those pictures are awsome.

And I need to work on the flash photography!!! I CAN NOT get it!!

Drea said...

LOVE the pics! :) hes so sweet. has such a peaceful look 2 him.

Shamay said...

I LOVE natural light. These are EXQUISITE!

Jaime said...

I know isn't natural light the best..I wish we had more of it here in the winter...

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