snow, teeth, and a spoon...


I decided to take Ethan out in the snow for the first time today. Well the 4th picture down was his first reaction. He did not like it at all. Of course being all bundled up he could barely move. We were only out for about 15 minutes. I had to get some pictures. We are actulaly going to Shanty Creek next weekend so I am sure I will get more. But I just wanted to see his reaction. He really didn't play with the snow at all because of the mittens he had on, just didn't allow him to. I wish I could have gotten better pictures because I would like to have seen the snow more. I will have to work on that. But I still like how they came out.
We, then came inside and had some lunch. He has this spoon that he loves to just carry around and play with, so I let him play with it while he eats. It helps alot to get him to eat.
His first 4 teeth. I finally got a picture with him smiling so you can see them all. They are too cute. 14 months and only 4 teeth. I am okay with that. They are cute.
That's our day so far. Pretty cold day!


Shelley said...

that's how I look when I sit in the snow too, it's ok, Ethan....

Shamay said...

He's so cute with his four teeth! Grayer had a full mouth of teeth by this age, but Maiya's just like Ethan. She JUST got her # 5 and 6 teeth. They are so baby-cute with only a few of 'em! (Oh and Grayer hated the snow the first time too. Maiya was just baffled by it. Does any baby really like the stuff? I think by 2 years old it becomes fun).

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