To Digital Scrap or Paper Scrap?!?!?!


That is the question....
I have been thinking about this alot lately. I have been paper scraping for about about 12 years now. WOW that long can you believe it? And I have been digital scrapping for abour 2 years. I am debating on whether I want to solely do digital scraping? Don't get me wrong I love to paper scrap, but it is expensive and very time comsuming (the way that I scrap, LOTS OF embellishements and paper). Digital is quite simple and fun!
So what do you I do with all my paper supplies? Use it up.....HAHHAA that would take me years. I have so much stuff I don't even know what to do with it all. Do I sell it? I just don't know. I thought about doing Ethan's first 6 months in paper and then the rest digital. I don't know. If anyone has any ideas or anything let me know.
Here is a digital layout of Ethan at 4 months!
Look how bald he is...hahha and that smile just melts my heart!


Rosjuane said...

I'm soo trying to get into this digital scraping!! I want to do some of the pressed printed books for my kids so they will have like their very own yearbooks..
I think digital is the way to go. Paper it too much and it's too bulky to look at!! I do not like them at all!! Just my 2 cents worth. But I so need help with this.

Mike, Shannon & Lilianna McAvoy said...

You can sell just about anything on ebay...if you want to deal with the shipping, etc. how about have you checked that out? mike and i buy and sell a lot on there...just a couple options.

Etsy Love!

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