deer and keys


So it is SNOWING again today....ARGH will it ever stop!!! I think it has snowed everyday for a week. I have seen the sun pop out a few times today. But still snowing. Please tell me there are clear days ahead.
Ethan just being cute.
This morning while we were eating breakfast, Josh looks up and in the backyard he finds 4 deer. We have known there was a family of deer around here but we have only seen them across the street. And we have also noticed there paw prints in our yard. It was cool to see them in our back yard. The minute we opened the slider door they were freaked. What is funny we don't live far out from the city.

How pitiful is this face??

Ethan loves these keys by Parents. He also has the cell phone. He plays with them all the time.


Shelley said...

I love all the pics! I know you are sick of snow, but I love the deer pics with the snowy background, very nice!

Etsy Love!

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