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So last week was very stressful. As you all know we are trying to sell our old house. Well it has been 3 months and no hits. Which we pretty much figured due to holidays and winter time, not really the prime time to sell a house. We decided to rent the house out last week. The renter showed up Tuesday last week to drop off a few things. (Her first time there.) She walks in the door and hears what appears to be water running, walks into the kitchen to find water all over the floor and flowing in the basement. Calls me immediately! I rush over to find a frozen pipe under the sink that burst and the furnace is NOT working. At this point my stomach was in knots. I of course did NOT know how to turn the water off. I couldn't find the valve. Josh arrived shortly after I got there and turned the water off. The pipe burst under the kitchen sink. The water was pushing the doors open and flowing out into the kitchen and down the basement stairs. I went to the basement and it was like a waterfall down the stairs and raining in the basement from the ceiling. I could have cried. At this point who knew how long this had been going on.
I had Ethan with me and it was freezing in the house so I decided to go home and Josh stayed to clean up the mess....Thank you so much hun! You did an awesome job. My job was to get on the phone to the insurance company and local heating and cooling places. I lined up a local company to come out 8am to look at the furnace and 9:30am for the water damage. They stated that it probably had been going on for 1-2 days. We had some really cold temps a couple days before and that's probably when the pipe froze. They also stated that if we already turned of the water and cleaned up the mess that it wouldn't be any different if they came that night or in the morning, except for the cost. Well I said why don't we just wait til the morning. Meanwhile Josh was there trying to get the 25 year old furnace started again. He did not succeed. =(
Josh got home late that night. I am just glad someone went over and found it before anything else bad happened. So in total we needed to put in a new furnace, fix the pipes and dry up all the water. Let me tell you it was not fun. I am glad it is over. All we need to do is put the kitchen floor back. We had to remove part of it to let it dry underneath. What a week. We were leaving for Shanty Creek that friday. I hoped that it was all taken care of by then. Thank goodness Friday night it was all taken care of. Please do NOT let that happen again!
Our renter has moved in and everything is great. THANK YOU!!


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