our weekend at Shanty Creek


Friday after we called Roto-Rooter to fix a pipe at the old house we left for Shanty Creek. It was nice to get away and relax after the week we just had. We didn't do a whole lot while up there. We just like to relax and get away for a while.

Josh and Ethan cuddling while watching a bit of TV.
Ethan was trying so hard to get up on the bed by himself. It was too cute. He never did make it by himself. It was fun watching him try really hard though.

Nothing like a little snow in the face. He did NOT like this at all. He hated to even sit in the snow.

My parents bought this little sled for Ethan. So we decided to take it along. He really didn't seem to excited about us pulling him around in it. Although when we pushed him down the hill he seemed to like that a little bit more.

There was some great natural light coming thru the slider doors in our room. Had to take advantage of that.
Just look at that face. He was upset because I wouldn't pick him up.


Shelley said...

these pics are soooo good! I would've had blow outs all over the place! Nice to see daddy in some pics, too!

shannon said...

Love the one of the building...that looks great. Did you doctor that one up at all or was it the lens?

Etsy Love!

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