Wordless Wednesday!


Ethan is 15 months today.
Just trying a new technique with a photo. What do you think?

Not sure if he will ever give up the binkie.

He loves to play on the computer.


The Flying Monkeys said...

Nice Wednesday post! I enjoyed it! Come take a look at some "typical male bonding".

Christina said...

Is it just the fact that he's a boy that he loves that computer so much? My son, Pete loves to pound on the keys just like me. Maria never had one interest in the computer..

Shamay said...

No worries... Grayer didn't give that binky (or Kee-bee as he called it) up till he was 2 years and 4 months and then he only gave it up because his mouth injury neccesitated it!!

He'll give it up eventually.

Rosjuane said...

I like the aged one. You will have to teach me how to do that!!

Rosjuane said...

Oh and we broke Garret for awhile then he started teething again and mom gave in after 3 nights of not sleeping. So now he gets it to sleep with!!

4 Little Men said...

I always forget to check your blog. I love the effect... very cool and the OUTFIT... OH MY! Where did you get it?


Jaime said...

I got the outfit at Old Navy. I love it.

Etsy Love!

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