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On Wednesday we had Ethan's 15 month well child check. He always does really well. He didn't like her looking in his ears though, or sitting on the table. He was a little jabber box though. It was soo funny. His measurments were:
Weight: 22lbs. 6ozs (although he had a soaked diaper) So I would say 22lbs.
Height: 32 1/4 inches
Head Circum.: 18 1/2 inches
He is in the 75th-90th % for height, he finally jumped to the 10th-25th % for weight, and he is 50th% for his head. It didn't grow this time LOL it was already big enough I guess.
These charts below are what I have in his scrapbook and keep track of everytime he goes to the doctor. It is fun to see how he progresses.

Ethan's vocabulary has expanded so much from 12 months to now. He amazed the doctor by stringing 2-3 words together. Which he has been doing since 12-13 months old. His vocab. consists of: Mom, Dad, Go, WOW!, What's That?, I did it, All gone gone(we have a video of him saying it after dinner one night, I will have to post it), Dog, Sweeeeet(although it sounds like shhhhweeeet, it is too cute), No, Uh Oh, well I can't think of the rest right at the moment. But I have also been teaching him some sign language, he knows MORE, MILK, THANK YOU, PLEASE, and EAT. We are still working with it....you can only teach them one at a time for them to remember it and actually know what it means. He is doing really good.

He is eating a organic peanut butter and jelly sandwich here. It was only a half of a sandwich. But you all know the struggles I have had with getting him to eat anything. So this is progress.

Since our floors are all tile on the main floor, they are FREEZING....so I knew I would have to get Ethan some slippers. I found these on clearence at Restoration Hardware one day. They were $4. They are so darn cute and really soft. They had adult sizes I should have gotten some for me and Josh. We have also noticed that the tile floor puts holes in our socks after a while. We have had to throw a few pairs away already.

Ethan loves his cartoons on Saturday morning. First there is My Friends Tigger and Pooh, then the Mickey Mouse Club House, and Little Einsteins. He doesn't really sit and watch them...He just likes certain parts. Mostly the singing parts. It is too cute, because he does the actions with them.


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