he actually looked at me....


for longer then 2 seconds. How great is that? I have been trying to get some pictures of Ethan for a while, not that these are that great, but he never looks at me, and if he does then it is like 2 seconds, I snap the picture and I get his head turned with blurred motion for a picture. (Okay that is a really long run on sentence. HA HA. oh well) So I got these tonight while we were outside playing ball and going down the new slide he got from Nana and Papa. And what is up with this weather, it was like 55 degrees today. Oh I just want 70 degree weather.
Ethan is 18 months now, as of yesterday. He has his check up on June 4th.
I am amazed at all the milestones and words he has picked up. He has new words everyday. He learned to jump this week. Oh it is sooo cute. He gets both feet off the ground, and he thinks it is the best thing in the world.
We go to the park 1-2 times a week. Been cold though. He still scares me going up on the big play toys because there are big openings on there that he could just walk right off of. How scary is that? So I always end up going up with him because I just don't trust him. He loves the park and being outside. He hates coming back in. We have to bribe him to get him back in....usually it is with a bath...lol
I just have to say....Look how stinkin adorable this kid is? HAHAHA I just love these pictures I got tonight.

Playing soccer with daddy...


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