Urban photo shoot!


I got together with my friend, Christie (from Christie Ricci Photography) today and her 2 daughters. This is her oldest daughter. She let me get some fantastic photos of her. We went downtown trying out and Urban photo session.


Rosjuane said...

Jaime WOW!! You have come along way from being scared of the outside!! These a fabulous. You shouldn't worry anymore about it b/c you nailed it in these. Love the style too. You should definatly offer more of these. They would be GREAT for seniors, or anyone for that matter. OOOOHHH Engagments!!

jaime pott photography said...

Thanks Ro. I do feel alittle more comfortable with doing outside now. I wanted to do something different and I have been wanting to go downtown, so this was my chance. We will be going again this weekend. I do want to get into Seniors and Engagements. We will see what comes next. Thanks again.

Lindsay said...

Hey I guess I am known as LBW from the forum really my name is Lindsay!!! Being outside is tough! Although I just got my seamless paper and have been having a hard time with lighting...any suggestions?! Its funny because I have done most of my pictures outside and I have just gotten used to it. Now being inside is different. Love your blog!

Shamay said...

These are really, really good! I SOOOO Love natural light.

Etsy Love!

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