10 on Tuesday...


I got this idea from life in motion blog...I love her blog. I love watching her kids grow....and she is a fantastic photographer that lives in Austin, TX. So if you live there....contact her.
So here is my first try at 10 on Tuesday....let's see if i can make it to 10.

1. Ethan has started counting....he loves it. He only gets 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2.....he knows 3 and 4, but doesn't know the order. Just 1, 2. It is so cute. he goes around the house saying 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2.

2. We have spent the last week teething. Oh will they just show up already. He didn't eat for days. He wouldn't. I tried everything. Good think he loves his Organic Whole Milk, because he got tons of that. When he gets teeth, he gets fever, fussy, and won't eat. Yesterday was the first day he ate a meal in like 5 days. Thanks to my mom, which leads me to #3.

3. He will only eat for my parents...what is up with that? He always eats good for them. What am I doing wrong? And why can't I get my child to eat anything? So frustrating. I can't stand it.

4. I have been sick since Friday night. I hate being sick. Cold symptoms, cough, runny nose, I don't think I have a fever at all, so that's good.

5. Ever have Jello Jigglers? Ethan loves them. My mom introduced them to him....and he loves them. So cute to watch him eat them.

6. Josh finished painting the basement last night. WHOOO HOOO. Thanks hun. I can't wait to get the couch back down there, and get things finished.

7. What is a post without pictures.....??? This one...for today anyway.

8. I went to the Amway Grand Plaza on Friday night for out Resident Graduation Party at work. We had a really good time. It was nice to get out with the girls too.

9. I would love to do some photo sessions outside with some clients. So call and book today if you want to do a session outdoors at a park or another location. I will do half off the session fee. So call or email me today.

10. I have been so itchy all morning (head and neck) UGH....it won't go away. I know probably to much info but hey I needed 10 things....LOL....maybe I am just being freaky about it...but man...I can't stand it anymore.

Well how fun was that....I hope you all enjoy....Wait to see what I can come up with next week.


Christina said...

Small world! I track her blog too. She is very creative. I absolutely loved her recent post where she answered a bunch of her fans' questions..

jaime pott photography said...

Yeah I love her blog. I do love the fact she answered her fan's questions. That's so cool...

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