Ethan's 18 month Check up.....


Ethan had his 18 month check up tonight with Dr. Schuler. It went really well. He is doing everything he is supposed to. He is getting so big.
Wt: 25lbs 6oz
(although that was with a onesie and a cloth diaper on, why would you keep it on, well the nurse wouldn't let me take it off. ARGH! I like to be accurate!! LOL) So I guess I will say 25lbs.
Ht: 34inches
Head: 19inches
I couldn't believe he gained 4 lbs since last visit. He must be eating pretty good then. I am worried for nothing. He is getting better at eating though. Although it is really tough to get him to try new things.
Ethan has also learned to jump a couple weeks ago. That is the cutest thing. He is saying so many things now. Too many to even count or list. When he thinks he is having a conversation with is pretty serious, because he actually responds and does jestures like he is really talking. (all the whole time you can't understand a word he is staying) LOL
These are just a few more pictures from his 18 month photo session with Christie....I am so loving them.


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