Pool Fun


We decided to get Ethan a pool to play in this summer. He loves it. Although that water is freezing he still gets in. I did put in several pots full of HOT water before he got in the other day. Everytime I say "SWIM, SWIM, SWIM" he will get on his belly and swim around. It is so funny. I just taught him to get home his belly a couple weeks ago in the tub. So he thinks it is pretty cool that he can float.

He was being so silly playing in the pool. I used that strainer to get the bugs and leaves out of the pool. He thought it would be cute to put on his head like a hat. So funny.


Lisa Kelly said...

These are gorgeous and just so fun. The colours are amazing, love them all.

Rosjuane said...

These are so cute. Has it warmed up there??

Etsy Love!

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