Just the latest getting to know you and getting to know yourselves!!! Please post on your blog if you have one...and tag some other people.

I am...happy today.
I be a full time photographer.
I wish...I could take a vacation with Josh and Ethan.
I hate...feeling let down.
I brother and his family.
I fear...something will happen to me.

I hear...people talking.
I smell...teddy bear coffee(decaf and Skim) from Biggby.
I crave...sweets.
I search...for the patience I need when Ethan upsets me.
I wonder...what will be going on in my life in 5 years.
I regret...being mean to those I love.

I son Ethan and Josh, photography, and blogging.
I care...about family and friends.
I ache...for a friend.
I too fast.
I believe...I need to get closer to God.
I dance...when I am happy.

I my car.
I cry...when I am happy or sad...
I don't always...communicate like I want.
I fight...hardly ever.
I share my thoughts.
I never...wash my car.

I ALL kinds of music.
I keep and open mind.
I am happy...where our family is in out life right now.
A little about me and my thoughts.
Now I am tagging a few people to do this as well.


4 Little Men & Twins said...

Wasn't it fun! :)

Fun to get to know you a little.


Etsy Love!

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