cheerios mess!!


Over the weekend Josh went out to mow the if you are a 19 month old and daddy doesn't take you outside with will have a very unhappy boy!!! Josh goes outside and I am sitting in the living room. Ethan knows how to open doors now. Well the panty door and doors to our bedroom, not the front door or the garage door. Anyways he always goes into the pantry and pulls out food he wants to eat. This is forever a game with him. Cuz he will take about 10 things out and we have to put it back and then he takes it out huh? He took out the box of Cheerios, opened it up and he likes to take the bag he was trying to do that....when all of a sudden he dumped upside down because the bag wouldn't come out.....Now let me tell you this is a 3/4 of a full box. I tell him to stop and he just looks at me as if I was the whole box emptied on the floor.....I ran over and grabbed him so he wouldn't step on them and crunch them.....Oh man...thought to myself, how the heck am I going to clean this up....LOL Stupid thought I know. We got a new Dyson a couple weeks ago....and that vacumm is awesome. I love it. I sucked all the Cheerios up with the Dyson and then emptied it. What a mess that was....

Pretending he has no clue what happened.


Mason and Terri's Mom said...

been there...done least 3 or 4 times! lol

(I've had my dyson for 6 years and LOOOOOOVE IT! SO easy to clean out!)

Etsy Love!

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