Happy 4th of July!!


We had a great day yesterday. We didn't really plan anything to do. We played it by ear. I really wanted to go to a parade with Ethan, but without planning that really didn't happen. I will have to locate one sooner next year so we can go to one. We relaxed most of the day. Ethan took a late nap so he could stay up later. I put him down at 2:30pm and he got up around 6:30pm. Then we headed off to friends house. We hung out there for a while til it got dark. They went to Indiana the day before and got fireworks. Ethan had a really great time. I thought he was going to be scared of the fireworks but he LOVED them. He clapped everytime one went off. It was sooo cute. We ended up getting home around 11:30pm. Ethan went right to sleep. And of course woke up at 6:18am, so I brought him to our bed and he fell back to sleep til round 8:30am. So that was nice.

Got a few pictures of Ethan playing with the sparklers. He thought those were fun.


Gina said...

Here via Drea. Beautiful photography! Looks like you had a fun fourth : )

jaime pott photography said...

Welcome. Thanks for stopping by. Tried to check out your blog, but wasn't sure which one...LOL Thanks again.

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