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I had Wednesday off, so my friend Pam and her son, Devontae, went to this splash park called Richmond Park.

It is nice because the water just gradually gets deeper so the littler kiddos can play in the shallow part.

Ethan's first words as we walked outside to the park was "OH MY GOSH" as loud and as excited as he could be. It was sooo funny. He has never seen anything like it so he was just amazed by this picture.

Ethan didn't really care for the water. I think he was too overwhelmed by it all to really know what the pool was. This was his first time in a pool like this. He has only been in out baby/inflatable pool at home. So this was a huge difference for him.

He had the death grip on me the whole time. He loved to watch the older kids jump or dive off the diving board. He thought that was hilarious when they would splash in the water.
I used Arbonne sunscreen on him....I believe it is SPF 45. This sunscreen is FANTASTIC. I love it. We were out for about 2 1/2 hours and he didn't not get burnt at all. I on the other hand have a burn on my back.....what a dummy. I put the sunscreen all over except there....well I thought i got it good enough. Apparently not because it is scorched. LOL Anyways we had a great time...and I will definately be going again. I want Ethan to get used to being in a pool. And to not be afraid of the water.


Rosjuane said...

I'm loving the photos and the new layout!!

Jenty said...

I absolutely LOVE the new layout!
And wow at the waterpark, that's just stunning!

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