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This weekend was nice. We didn't have a whole lot to do. We lounged around on Saturday morning for a while. I had to run to Target to get a baby gift. (I'll explain that in a minute). Ethan loves to chill in just a diaper. Actually if it was up to him it would be nothing...but haha I just don't trust him. We did that one day and all of a sudden is peeing on the front of the couch.....LOL it was actually funny.
Here is a little peek at my main level living room, dining room and kitchen. I just am in love with our new house. We have been in it for about 7 months now and I just love how cozy it warm it is. I haven't shown pictures of it with all of our furniture in it...so here is one shot. I will have to do a video of it. That would be more fun!

I went to a baby shower on Saturday for Josh's cousin's wife. Her name is Yuko and she is from Japan. The sweetest girl. And she was so darn cute pregnant. She is 35 wks. She looks great for 35 wks and small.
As I said before, I had to go to Target to get a gift. Yes I am a procrastinator. On the invite it said "It's a girl!".
So off to Target I go. I always have a hard time picking out stuff...So I ended up getting everything pink...Pink polka dotted blanket, Pink Babylegs (yes they sell them at Target now, how cool is that?), a little hat and booties set, and a cool little organizer things that holders diapers and wipes. I also bought a bag to put it all in. I got to the shower and saw that everything was BLUE....I was freaking out....someone forgot to tell me that the baby was a boy not a girl. I kind of felt dumb. Because I was the only one that didn't know. Oh well. I still gave her the gift and said I got it all at target you can go and exchange it all. She loved it and thought she might keep it and still put it on the boy....LOL His name is going to be Kai Michael. I wished they lived closer so i could to pictures. But they just moved to Ohio from Oklahoma, her husband is in the military.
This is a cute lil girl, name Madilyn that was at the shower...she was adorable.
Saturday night we went over to Josh's sisters, Erin. She just got engaged a couple weeks ago to Rob (I'll do another post on that later.) But they just bought a house and they invited us over to see it and have dinner. That was alot of fun. Ethan got to play with her son Ayden. They played so well together. Ayden is 2 will be 3 in November. And Ethan is 20 months. At one point in the night, we wondered what they were doing....erin went to find them and they were in the bathroom, playing with shampoo and in the toilet...YUCK. There was shampoo everywhere...On yeah they also had the plunger out sticking it in and out of the toilet like it was plugged...hahaha. But that was making suds and bubbles everywhere. Well by the time I got there she was cleaning them up....so wish I would have gotten a picture of that....OH BOYS!!!
Sunday, today, we did alot of cleaning. Ugh this house was a disaster. I hate it when it gets like that....but both of us working full time, it is going to happen.
Josh went grocery shopping this morning...THANK YOU SO MUCH HUN!! While ethan and I took a nap. That was nice to take a nap....We were really tired.
I then cleaned the main floor, vaccumed, mopped/steamed the floors, dishes, all that good stuff, while Ethan and Josh watched baseball. Ethan LOVES baseball. Might be his theme for his 2nd birthday this year too.
Josh made a fabulous dinner tonight. We don't usually eat steak, but he loves it and so he bought it at the store today and thought we would try and grill it. It turned out great. We also had fresh corn on the cob....it was a fabulous dinner. Thanks hun....I LOVE when you make dinner. I really appreciate it. It was very YUMMY!
We then went upstairs and relaxed in our bed with Ethan.....Ethan loves to do that. He thinks it is fun to play in our king size bed.
Well that's about it...I have to get ready for a week of work.


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