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I know have been a bad blogger.....lots has been going on here. Where do I even start? I have been so busy lately - I had to go back to work full-time(Family Medicine Doctors Office). Not a decision I liked to make, because I LOVED staying home with Ethan 2 days a week. But for right now me going back to work is the best thing for our family. My mom watches Ethan 3 days and then I take him to daycare on Thursday and Friday. She lives just down the road from me and my friend Mindy takes her son Jacob there. (He has been going since he was 6 weeks old) I think he likes it there. Although I have the roughest time trying to drop him off in the mornings. He just hates when I leave him....tears my heart out to see him screaming and crying as I leave. It has made me cry on my way to work. I don't know if it is just his age or what? But I do hope he will get past this the more he goes to her.
We then got notice at work 2 weeks ago that we have to flex our schedules and at any given time someone could go home if we are not busy. Well that's just great.....We all are not very happy about this. We have a total of about 25-28 staff members in our office and we can only have like 17-18 people on. We need to see at least 135 patients a day for all 25 staff members to be at work. Well that just isn't working out...so alot of us are being sent home. Of course they take volunteers first....but there will come a day when no one wants to volunteer.... So this is all kind of stressing me out. I can't take it anymore really....
I have always had issues with my ankles. Weak ankles?!?!? Not sure....but they hurt. I have sprained my left ankle several times in the last 8 years, and even one fracture that they never knew about until later on. In 2005, I finally went and saw an Orthopedic doctor for my ankles. I have had Physical therapy and all that. The last time I was there she did an injection in my ankle. Oh my did that ever hurt. That was in 2005 as well. I have been there since that because the injection helped. But she told me while I was there that they only do 2 injections EVER and then the next step would be surgery. So I have an appt on August 5th because my ankle has been hurting so bad I can barely walk at times. I also have this other pain on the bottom of my foot. I believe it is a Morton's Neuroma. It is basically a cyst on your nerve in your foot between the 3rd and 4th metacarpels. The pain is a really odd pain. It feels like when you hit your funny bone.....you know how that hurts...well I get that in my foot all day long. I am not sure what the treatments are for that either....well I know one is surgery....but I certainly do not want that. So please pray the doctor can fix this with out surgery.
So have you had enough of my crabbing???? I could go on about myself but I will save it for another day. I am sure you all are bored to death if you have even gotten this far.
Now for Ethan....boy is he a handful these days. Let me just tell you how a diaper change goes.....it is a nightmare let me tell you. He will not lay down, he screams, cries and kicks.....he hates getting his diaper changed. I am really not sure why he does. So it is always a chore when it needs to be done.....Josh helps me out though...well we help each other out. We take turns doing it. LOL
He has also started thowing temper tantrums. One day we were outside at the neighbors and they had to go in because it was getting toward bed time. Well ethan did not want to leave. I carried him across the street screaming and kicking. I am sure the whole neighborhood could hear him. But what do you do at this point? Do you stop and discipline? So we get inside and he carrys on for about 20 minutes. Throwing shoes and himself on the floor by the front door. Oh my gosh....My thought on this is...we ignore him. He usually stops...this time he didn't. It was terrible. He hasn't done one like that since...thank goodness. But he is really stubborn when he doesn't get his way.
We have more good times then bad with Ethan. He is such a smart little boy. He amazes me everyday. His vocabulary is astounding. I can't believe all the things he can say. Josh was eating and ice cream cone one day and Ethan comes up and says "I wanna bite" it was so cute. Josh and I just looked at each and laughed....it was so funny. He is doing really good with asking "Please" his version "Pease" along with the sign for it. It is the cutest darn thing you ever saw.
I do have some exciting news to share too.....I hope to share it very soon. It is about my photography. Yeah I know what you were thinking....hahahha Nope not pregnant. LOL
WOW this is the longest post I have written and what no pictures....how can I not have a picture. I will have to find one to share that's for sure. Oh yes I have some bath ones.....they are funny because he has this mohawk from the front to the back of his head...


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