giving bear a hug



Jenn said...

Awwweee...that is so cute!!

My daughter was standing behind me and looking at your photos...complimenting your photos...she said you make the water look so pretty!

Jenty said...

Och man, that's just the most adorable photo! I just want to hug HIM! I love the new siggy too!

CissaLynn said...

Awwww! Too cute!!! :)

I also love the holiday baby pic in the previous post! I am trying to come up w/a cute and clever idea for my two boys this Christmas (I always take my own pic since I do photography as well). My oldest is ten so it is getting harder to think of "older" yet adorable ideas for him. Hmmmmm, you have got me thinking now!!!!! :))))
Have a good weekend! :))

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