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I finally found some frames for my 12x12 pictures that weren't cheap look and not sturdy. I found them at Ikea when I went with my parents on Monday. I am in love with this wall of pictures. It looks fantastic. The wood on it matches everything else on that floor. It is a 19 3/4 inch frame with a 4 inch mat. Just thought I would share this. They were only $17.99 each. And they are heavy and solid wood.

living room
living room


Drea said...

looks great! Ikea has nice affordable things most times

4 Little Men and Twins said...

i like those... i have the best luck finding awesome frames at big lots of all places. ours gets a lot of pier one overstock.


jaime pott photography said...

Thanks. I like big lots too. Our got in some pier one stuff but it still wasnt cheap...hmmmmm

Sarah said...

Very nice! I've yet to go to long of a drive is it?

jaime pott photography said...

It was about 2 hours...Very easy to find.

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