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Today I went looking for a new lens. I had my heart set on a Nikon 24-70mm 2.8, but due to the fact that is it $1,699, that is just NOT in our budget at this time. I went to Ritz camera in the Rivertown mall first. They had NOTHING. So I then made my way over to Norman camera. Let me tell you it took me a long time to get there because of the car show. ARGH! Lots of traffic. Anyways got there and they had all the lens' I was thinking of. I had a list of them in my mind that I wanted to look at.....24-70mm 2.8, 17-55mm 2.8, and the 28-75mm 3.5. The Sigma 24-70mm is $499. That's the one I orignally went in to take a look at and possibly purchase. I was talking to the guy and he pulled out a Sigma 18-50mm 2.8 EX Macro. Explained that is almost the same as what I wanted but a bit wider and would be great for weddings. Plus it is fast like the 24-70mm. He convinced me to buy it. It was $449, plus I had to get the UV fliter cover for it to protect it. All the photos below are taken with my new lens. I think I am liking it. I just need to get used to it, becasue it feels like the zoom is backwards. So I come home after buying the lens, not really consulting the hubby about it. He didn't seem to mind, and wasn't upset. He knows that I needed a new lens. Thank you hun for not being upset at me.
So while I was galavanting all over town looking for a lens, Josh was home working his butt off putting trim down in the basement so we can be done with it. It looks fantastic so far. He did a great job. I am so lucky to have a handy man for a husband. He can do so many things. And if he doesn't know how to do it, he will look it up and find out!!! Love that about ya babe.

new lens 18-50mm 2.8

This is my new camera strap I got online. I am loving it. I need to get another one though for when I wash them.
my camera strapjust too cute
I think this is adorable. He has become obsessed with the movie "Ratatouille" He calles it "Touille". So cute! This is him watching it. He is glued.
And again here!!! How cute is this.staring at touille
After eating, and watching Touille!kitchen
A little glimpse into my home. The kitchen area, dining area, and living room!
Ethan actually eating...
Ethan feeding himself dinner tonight. It was a mixture of stuff. He thought it was quite tasty!


Sarah said...

I always love your pics! Cute house by the way.

Drea said...

awe the one of him looking up in the high chair is 2 cute. ur house is so modern and fun looking. love it

Bethany said...

WOW!! I was just on yesterday and you have updated a ton!! LOVE blogs like that!!

Anyway, the pic of your little man outside is SUPER cute!! Glad to hear you are liking your new lens...I have the 24-70 and really like it as well!!

Thanks for sharing and keep on taking all those pics!!

Etsy Love!

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