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Yesterday I had a Senior photo shoot, you can see the preview below. Josh and Ethan came with me because I wanted to get some pictures of Ethan at the beach as well after my session. Ethan wanted nothing to do with the sand. Josh could not even put him down in it. He had to hold him the whole time. I am bummed because I really want to get some pictures of Ethan at the beach. Maybe we will have to try again. He is just terrified of certain things. Not sure why.
daddy and ethan at the beachyesterday at Holland beach - tunnel park
Just palying around this morning taking some pictures of Ethan. He doesn't want his picture taken anymore he wants to TAKE the pictures. Everytime I get my camera out he says "picture" and wasnt to look at the back and take one. It is too cute. I love the light we get in our front window. I just love Natural Light Photography. Who doesn't?
Lovin this
Loving his eyes in this one...and his expression of course. So darn cute.
another silly face
Look at those lips....hahha so funny!
silly face ethanlove his eyes in this one
Look at the eye lashes he has. I certainly do not have those. hehe
look at this face
When we went to Ikea last Monday I bought him this little wood train. It was only $3.99. He loves it. It is magnetic. He gets little mad when it doesn't stay together.
my train mommy

We are headed off to my parents house at 3pm for dinner. I am not sure what Josh is doing right now. I think he is vacuming out is Jeep. I should sneak and get some pictures of him. HEHE Ethan is napping and I am blogging.

Oh yeah I am going to post the secret in the next few days so check back. I am getting a few more things together. Altho it isn't that HUGE of a secret....I just think it is exciting and will be a fun new adventure for me.


Drea said...

he sounds like caleb. calebs scared of the ocean.. although we plan to try it again soon.. since we live fairly close to the coast 2. i love the window one (profile) best. very sweet. The light caught his eyes great.

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