Senior - 2009


P is the son of one of the ladies that I work with. We decided to go down to Tunnel Park in Holland. It was quite a bit more sunny then I wanted it to be....but I think overall these came out really well. I am very happy with them. Enjoy the preview!!
Senior - 2009Senior - 2009Senior - 2009Senior - 2009Senior - 2009Senior - 2009Senior - 2009


Drea said...

owh I just love these. great job jaime. my shoot was canceled for today. The family had a burglar break their door down... while they were home! they called the cops, the burglar ran off as soon as he realized someone was home.. but the family was left with no door.. so the money they were going to use to pay me had to go towards a new door.

Get this tho. they called the cops..
it took the cops 2 hours!!! to get to them.
2 hours!!!
and they live in the heart of charlotte, nc.

That is insane.

jaime pott photography said...

I am sorry to hear that about that family...that is crazy. I would be totally scared and for the cops not to show up for 2 hours...not cool!

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