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Why does he do this? How do I handle it? Ethan is testing me this morning. Josh went to the store so we are here watching a movie and he started hitting me for no reason. Oh I just can't stand that. So off to TIME OUT he goes for one minute. He looks at me and laughs and smiles and tries to get out of time out. I have to hold him there. Then he tries to hit me more. ARGH...this is sooo frustrating. Please GOD tell me and help to handle these situations. I know he is only 21 months but he needs to understand he can not hit people. I explain to him that hitting people hurts and we should not do it. We don't want to hurt people. Tell him to say sorry and we HUG. I think he understands....but then the next minute he turns around and does it again. Oh please let me have patients with this. Anyone have any suggestions on what you do in these situations? Any advice? Or What you do to discipline you children?
I just needed to vent alittle. It has been going on for a couple weeks with this....I keep praying God will tell me how to handle him!


Sarah said...

Oh, I wish I had some great advice for you, but since I have no parenting experience, I don't think I am going to be much help. Just hang in there and know you are doing the right thing!

Anonymous said...

Jaime... You are doing the right thing. The key to it is to be consistant. He knows that Mommy loves him! He is going to push you right to the edge! Just follow through with what you say. No means no. You are doing a wonderful job raising him. Keep your chin up! Cyn

Christina said...

Um yeah. I am right there with you. I have no advice. We are experiencing the same thing with Pete. It is even more frustrating because we NEVER had these issues with Maria so are totally dumbfounded and clueless. I am going to start reading "Happiest Toddler on the Block" for hopefully some other alternatives to what we've been trying (basically what you said).

jaime pott photography said...

Thanks everyone. It is just so hard. I don't wanna lose my patience with him but man...he doesn't listen.

Shamay said...

Maiya gets a load of time outs. One thing we found key for her is that she must be in time out sitting indian style, facing a wall. (It's like standing-in-the-corner, baby-style). If she can see us, she laughs and plays.

At first she got up, and we would march her right back and sit her back down. If we stayed next to her the whole time, then she also accomplished her mission. He will learn that he has to stay - he just hasn't had as much expirience in trouble making as some babies (like his cousin!)... haha!

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