weekend is here....


retro ethan
I am really glad the weekend is here. I don't have to much planned. I am just so tried and stressed out about work. It's nice to come home and not have to do anything or think about work for a few days. OH AND YEAH we have monday off!!!! 3 day weekend is the best. Then next week I only have to work 3 days because Sept. 5th is the wedding I am photographing with Christie.
Tomorrow my friend is coming over with her son, Jacob, so the boys can play and we can catch up. Mindy is pregnant and due in January. I am soooo excited for her and her family. Then I will probably clean the house. No fun!! hehehe Well after 2 toddlers playing around it is bound to need some straightening or cleaning.
texture ethanserious ethan
enthralled ethan
These are just a few photos I took of Ethan while he would be still watching, yes you got it Ratatouille....he can't live without it. LOL I was playing around with my new lens trying out different aperatures and stuff.


Mike, Shannon & Lilianna McAvoy said...

oh my gosh...he is looking SO big now :( What happened to our babies!!

Jenn said...

I haven't seen that movie...the children and I need to get that one on netflix.

I'm loving the filter on the 1st photo. He is just too adorable!

Glad you have a long weekend. =) Enjoy your family.

Jenty said...

LOL at his addiction, you must be getting so tired of that movie :)

sarah&hudsyn said...

at what age did ethan get into movies? i would love for hudsyn to sit still that long and watch a movie!

jaime pott photography said...

shannon - I know they are getting so big now. I can't believe it.

jenn - you have to watch that movie...it is sooo cute.

jenty - it is a really cute movie. We haven't gotten sick of it...YET!! eheheh I am sure the time will come tho.

sarah - ethan just started sitting and watching movies in the last month or 2. he does pretty good. it has to be a certain movie tho. He won't do it with all movies. Only touille really...LOL

Lisa Kelly said...

Wow, he is just growing up far too quick. Thank goodness for DVD's, hehehe. The mummy sanity saver. He is gorgeous

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