Trash the Dress - Emma Style


I think these are so cute. We went to Maranatha tonight to check out the location for our Sept. 5th wedding. Christie brought her family, so we could try and get a family photo. (those are for later) I just had to share these real quick. How funny is little Emma. Although Kylie was doing the same thing. They were sooo funny!
Emma before her TTD session. hehe
TTD - Emma Style
Let the fun begin.
TTD - Emma StyleTTD - Emma StyleTTD - Emma StyleTTD - Emma StyleTTD - Emma Style


Jenty said...

Aww, she's such a cutie!! I love the photos!

Jenn said...

Beautiful! The first is my that sepia look...she is sooo adorable.

Lovely works of art!

Etsy Love!

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